D3 - Discover, Develop, Deploy

You'll often hear us using the phrase D3 around Lighthouse.  It represents the strategy by which we intend to accomplish our vision.  The 3 D's are as follows:

  • Discovery - We want to help you discover...
    • Who God is as...
      • A loving Father
      • Jesus Christ His Son and our Savior
      • His Holy Spirit who lives with us and in us today


  • Development - We want to help you develop...
    • Your relationship with God as your Father and you His child by helping you to understand the implications of salvation and the power of His grace.
    • Your relationship with others by helping you see how Christ gives you His character and ability to love and serve, and see the value in living life together in community.
    • The tools God has equipped you with, such as reading, interpreting and applying the Bible, and understanding how to use your spiritual gifts.


  • Deployment - We want to help you identify the areas in which God has called you to make a difference...
    • In the Church - There are many ministry oppotunities for you at Lighthouse.
    • In the Community - God will use you in bringing kingdom transformation in the place where you live, work and walk.



Lighthouse provides discipleship and care for its members in small groups called Life Groups. We call them Life Groups, as we simply place structure around the life and rela-tionships that the Lord is creating in our midst. The primary purposes of Life Groups are to: 1) Build lasting and caring relationships; 2) Help each other become disciples of Jesus Christ; 3) Learn to care for each other through prayer, serving and learning to use our spir-itual gifts; 4) Reach out to those who do not know Christ and 5) Associate ourselves within the authority structure of the church.



There are many different ministries here at Lighthouse!  If you would like to get involved in a ministry, please check the area of interest on the back of your Connection Card and turn it in at the Connect Center.