Lighthouse Missions

All around us - everyday - people are waiting to hear of the love that God alone can provide. God has charged us with the responsibility of reaching people in our communities, nation and world with the good news of Jesus Christ. Lighthouse is committed to fulfilling this Great Commission with strategic missions partnerships.

In addition to the care of its members, Lighthouse strongly desires to reach out into the community to see those who do not know Christ be saved and become His disciples. We believe that in order for our church to be healthy and thriving, we must consistently be outwardly focused and attentive to the needs of those around us. The starting point of evangelism is often meeting someone at the point of a physical need, such as food or clothing.  While we begin with the communities around us, the ultimate commission of Jesus is that the whole world would know of His saving grace.  Lighthouse invests in and partners with the following missions organizations as a part of our commitment to reach the world with the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Cornerstone Ministries

Lighthouse partners with Cornerstone Ministries to help meet the needs of local families with pressing financial needs. We invite you to partner with us as we reach out to influence our community and accomplish the Great Commission!

His Hands His Feet

His Hands His Feet's vision is to bring the hope of the Gospel to orphans and impoverished families living in Central America and to develop and empower missions minded believers through the sending of short-term teams.  Our mission is to be the HANDS and FEET of Jesus to the people we serve through our long-term partnerships.   Our trips provide life-changing opportunities to serve "the least of these" - children who are orphaned, families who are impoverished and desperate, the homeless, special needs children and adults and members of society who have been forgotten.  

Life Talk

Life Talk is a non-profit resource center providing medical support, Christ-centered counseling and education regarding life affirming choices. All our services are free to the client. They offer pregnancy tests, limited ultrasound and sexually transmitted disease testing. They counsel for life and umplanned pregnancies. They counsel for the option of parenting the child, or parenting through adoption. They do not offer abortion as an alternative, nor will they give any referral to an abortion facility. Life Talk also offers a variety of bible studies. One of their most attended studies is the post-abortive bible study "Surrendering the Secret."

Mexico Ministries

For more than 30 years now Mexico Ministries has been helping expand the Kingdom of God in Mexico by building churches, training pastors and bringing medical ministry to people all over the nation.  Please come in to our web "home" and get to know us better.  

Reconciliation Outreach

Reconciliation Outreach is an inner-city outreach that creates a Christian community to meet the needs of broken lives.

Sound Word

Sound Word Ministries delivers the same Good News, the Gospel of Jesus Christ, in a variety of manner throughout the country. Rugged men's retreats, musical concerts & storytelling, powerful preaching from the pulpit, business meetings, or intimate settings lend the opportunity to share the love of Christ.