Thursday, August 8, 2019 6:24 AM

Day 14: Psalm 19

Thursday, August 8, 2019 6:24 AM
Thursday, August 8, 2019 6:24 AM


My name is Rachel Stout, and I have been married to Bret for 7 years.  We have a blended family consisting of 7 kids with an 8th on the way! I am originally from Amarillo, but moved to Arkansas for college, and then eventually settled in North Texas just as my first-born was ready to greet the world.  My husband and I coach gymnastics, and I homeschool our younger kids.  We have been at Lighthouse since the beginning of our marriage, which God redeemed and set right through His Word and the love and correction from our brothers and sisters in Christ from our lifegroup at Lighthouse.  We have been sharpened through the men’s and women’s Bible studies and found true community along with what it means to “do life together.”



Psalm 19 is a praise and meditation on God’s beauty and sovereignty.  It starts off with the wonderful declaration (nagad - proclamation) of how even the heavens rejoice and speak of God’s beauty.  His creation, craftsmanship, and design from the expansive cosmos to the tiniest ladybug not only provide a testimony for His existence, but a testimony of His ongoing, active communication that allows us to take every single breath.  His sovereignty is on full display as His marvelous works are shown not only through the details of setting up a tent (o’hel – dwelling) in the sky for the sun, but by setting up a permanent home for us through His son who will come like a bridegroom for us – just like the sun is eager to rise each morning like a champion athlete ready to take their mark and begin a new race.

God reveals himself to us through His creation so that no one will have an excuse not to know He is real (Rom. 1:20). His beauty and masterpiece stretch to the ends of the earth, leaving no inch without His fingerprints.  So those that do not have the revelation of His written Word still have a revelation of His character and love on full display as the sun rises each new day ushering in new mercies and grace. 

For those that have the law, Psalm 19 lays it right up against the magnitude and divine beauty of His creation to show us that we are to have awe and wonder at the perfect beauty of His Word.  To the unbeliever, His laws can cause them to close their eyes, turn their backs, and have distaste for His ways since they are looking to fulfill their own desires.  But for the child of God, His statutes should open our eyes, fill our hearts with gladness, be as sweet as honey on our lips, be more valuable than gold, and be as beautiful as the heavens. His law is perfect (tamum – unblemished) just like a sacrifice was to be without blemish, so are His laws and ways of justice. 

The beauty and sweetness of His laws should bring us to devotion to His Word, love for others, and a reverent worship of the Creator and not a worshiper of the creation. 

The maker of heaven and earth is speaking.  Let me encourage you to take a second look today at that bird singing, the clouds rumbling, the seeds being blown by the wind to spawn new growth, and feel the heat of the sun on your skin knowing it’s distance from us has been designed perfectly for sustaining life.  And even more importantly, let me encourage you to open your eyes and see the people at the grocery store, your neighbor, the children playing at the park, the eyes of another soul, and see the creator working.  Respond by joining Him in the work He is doing today by loving those around you.  

Let His law bring new life by reminding you that His ways are the best and are there for your protection because of His great love for you.  Do not let it be a weighted chain of lock after lock pulling you down, but see it as a handful of keys to freedom because of what Christ’s sacrifice on the cross accomplished.  Let it lead us to a respect and love for obedience, because it brings joy and growth in our relationship with the great I AM!

Note: For further study on this see Psalm 119.


Father God, thank you for the perfection and beauty of your creation and how it points us to the revelation of your character, love, and attention to detail.  We know that our eyes can only be opened by you, so we ask for the unveiling of our eyes to your truth.  Thank you for your sovereignty and how you hold everything in your palm.  Thank you for continuing to speak, which allows us to wake up each day to your rising sun with new mercies. 

Fill our hearts with delight as we ponder your Word.  Reveal our wrongdoings and remind us of the Spirit who dwells in us to help us in times of temptations.  Thank you for being our redeemer – the one who comes after us to claim us, provide justice, and welcome us to your table through the work of your Son, the unblemished perfect sacrifice. 

Thank you for your statutes of protection and love and help us to follow your ways as we navigate through this fallen world that tells us our own way is better.  Remind us that your life-map is perfection and brings joy! Revive your church and bring us to a place of repentance and reverence for your authority and unchanging truths so that others can see your glory and be reconciled back to you. In Jesus name I pray, Amen.

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Thank you for the reminder of our beautiful Savior & creator! Those moments pondering nature have led me to stillness & a close intimacy with our Heavenly Father. Truly in awe for what He has created for us on earth, in word & in spirit!

Posted on Thu, Aug 8, 2019 @ 10:56 PM CST


Thank you Rachel for your inspiring word to us. So rich with truth.

Posted on Tue, Aug 13, 2019 @ 5:55 AM CST

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