Sunday, August 18, 2019 6:45 AM

The Lord's Day Prayer - Week 4

Sunday, August 18, 2019 6:45 AM
Sunday, August 18, 2019 6:45 AM

Father God, 

You are an AWESOME GOD! We stand in complete awe of your sovereignty and provisions. We know your ways are higher than our ways, and we are trusting you with our path. With each step lead us beside you, show us where you are already working, and give us the strength to walk next to you through it. 

Thank you for being such a loving God who cares even about our small everyday problems. We know nothing is impossible for you, and we know you will never leave us or forsake us as your living word promises. We thank you for the gift of your Holy Spirit that dwells in us. Because of the gift of your spirit, we don’t go to a physical building in order to be in your presence. You are what’s holy, not a building. You are who we worship and adore. We see where you are already steps ahead on our most basic needs of a place to gather, and we know that you care and will provide us with a place to worship as a family in unity with your will. 

Again we stand in complete AWE at what you have already done in this process of selling our current building, and we are so overwhelmed with excitement and PRAISE for what you are actively doing for us, your children. Help us to see each step we are to take with a clear perspective that’s only given when we have our God-eyes put on. Block our vision from anything that is not of your will.  Close the doors that need to be closed and open the doors that we are to walk through. We know we don’t see the end with a map laying out all the exact steps to get there. All we are to do is trust you and take one step at a time next to you like a parent walking their child through a winding neighborhood, where a park full of friends awaits their arrival. 

We long for your will. We long for your guidance, wisdom, and truth. Help us to walk each step with love that will become opportunities to pour out your light into this community in and around Prosper, TX. Bring others into your fold during this time of transition, and grow us as a body into mature believers who are on fire for your kingdom and are ready to give an answer to anyone who asks why it is that we believe. Grow our faith, and help us not to forget our first love. The people, the future building, the location, etc., are all blessings from you! Let us not forget you are the reason, you are our first love, you are our treasure, and we stand as one body in AWE of you! 

In JESUS name we pray! AMEN 

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