This Christmas season, Lighthouse is excited to announce our Advent Devotional book, Come Thou Fount, written by Lighthouse's own Pastor Chris Cain and Liv Alliston and with original artwork by Rachel Stout. 

The book is designed to walk you through each day of the Advent season to prepare your hearts and minds for Christmas and the second coming of Christ. Each Sunday a new week of Advent begins and focuses on a different Christian virtue. The book is divided into 4 main parts and includes weekly devotionals and daily scripture readings through Christmas Day, with a break on Saturdays. There is also blank journal space for each day to record notes, questions, thoughts and what God is speaking to you through His Word. 

We chose the title Come Thou Fount because of its imagery in describing the Christian life. As followers of Christ, we should be so filled up with Him that we flow out onto others the love of Jesus. And, in keeping with the water and fountain imagery, Rachel has created beautiful, original pieces of art with a marbling effect to show the movement and texture of water - a visual representation of the outward effects of an inward transformation. 


To access the Advent Devotional playlist CLICK HERE.

Cost: $15.00

Preorders  and a few extras can be picked up and purchased up on Sunday November 29 after church

*All orders will need to be picked up in-person.  No shipping available


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