COVID-19 Protocol

Update regarding Govenor Abbott's lifting the mandate for wearing masks begining March 2, 2021:

The Elders of Lighthouse wish to reiterate this declaration and "strongly encourage" you to use wisdom and follow your conscience when attending our services. But, please understand that the Governor's Declaration also stated that the face-covering requirement does not apply to:

Section 9. any person who is actively providing or obtaining access to religious worship, but wearing a face covering is strongly encouraged.

Your physical health and safety are very important to us as leaders! So, as we've stated before, if you're uncomfortable, we don't want you to feel pressured to attend. You can continue to view our services as they are streamed on our YouTube site. Please be considerate of others by maintaining safe distancing, if necessary, and staying home if you are presenting any symptoms and not feeling well.

Remember, we love you and always look forward to worshiping together!

Elders of Lighthouse


We are grateful to be meeting as a family through our IN PERSON service! There are many factors and important points of information that we want to convey as we move forward.

Our meeting time is now 4:00pm and our temporary location is at 4255 E. Prosper Tr.

There are a number of factors that we are considering and are sensitive to as we meet. We realize that people differ in opinion as to what this should look like. We want you to know that as our church family, your physical health and safety are very important to us as leaders. So, we don’t want you to feel pressured to attend if you’re uncomfortable. We’ll keep providing a broadcast on our YouTube channel. There are some who have compromised immune systems, or who are currently dealing with health issues. We ask that you exercise your best judgement for yourself and consideration of others to determine when it is best for you to return to a group setting. But also, we’re concerned in the same way for your spiritual health and safety. We don’t want to see you negatively influenced or motivated by fear. It is vital that we pray for God’s wisdom in this scenario. [Philippians 4:6-7]

It will be necessary for us to consistently sanitize the various touch points throughout the church before, during, and after each service for some time going forward. We will have hand sanitizer available as people enter and exit. Our greeters will already have the doors open for people to be able to enter and exit without touching door handles. Please remember to wash your hands thoroughly and use hand sanitizer before leaving the bathrooms.

Again, in our desire for your protection, we will encourage masks to be worn before, during, and after the service, if that is your desire. 

We will try to provide ample space for comfortable distancing to be encouraged. This will simply be up to your discretion and comfort. You can sit where you like, but be sensitive to those around, if they wish to have a comfortable separation. If it is needed, we are going to try to provide a few rooms outside of the main auditorium for overflow and comfortable separation. Our leaders will move to use those areas first to accommodate those attending.

As much as we encourage us to spend time greeting and visiting, please do so outside of the building and not in the common hallways, since they will not accommodate a lot of people. This will also mean that we will not offer our usual coffee bar service during the near term.

Please remember that we love each of you and are excited that we are meeting again to worship together and see each other’s happy face. It’ll be easy to criticize and complain, but instead be encouraging and gracious. You’ve heard the statement that these are unprecedented times, but not so much. These are great times to recognize God’s grace. Please remember to be patient with one another and continue to pray for another.

We are looking forward to seeing you this Sunday, at 4:00PM!


You can also join us online this Sunday as we worshiping together and our study in the book of Acts! The link below to take you to the YouTube viewing of our service for this week:

Lighthouse YouTube Channel