Facility Use Policy

General Policies

After Hours Rentals

Rental times outside of normal church hours will require additional staffing by facilities and additional charges may be incurred


All groups must abide by capacity codes set by the Prosper Fire Marshall.


Decorations are defined as any material on facility surfaces that were not included in the original building design. Acceptable adhesive for decorations on coated surfaces will include: masking tape, scotch tape, and poster putty only. Tape should not be used on varnished wood, painted surfaces, or other items that may damage the finished surface. Duct tape is not allowed.

Posting signs or posters must be approved through the Facilities Manager and must be removed immediately after the event.

The use of glitter for any purpose is prohibited.

Helium balloons may be used. Please ensure that balloons are tied securely to a weight to prevent loose balloons from floating to the ceiling/rafters.

Fees and Deposit

To reserve the facility, 50% of the rental fee is required at the time of reservation. The remaining 50% of the rental fee is required prior to the event. Deposits are required for non-Lighthouse sponsored events. Fees are subject to change at the discretion of Lighthouse Christian Fellowship.

 Equipment Usage

Basic Room Equipment: All church assets and equipment are to remain on church property unless specifically approved by the Facilities Manager.

Technical Equipment: An approved, experienced Lighthouse Christian Fellowship operator must operate all audio and visual equipment for events. Outside operators are not allowed to use or attach equipment to our system. In the event that a group needs audio or visual equipment during their event, additional fees will be incurred.

Force Majeure

In the event of a fire, natural disaster, local or national emergency or other matters outside the control of Lighthouse Christian Fellowship that causes a substantial delay, rescheduling or cancellation, Lighthouse Christian Fellowship will be released from the rental agreement. The group here by waives any claims for damages or compensation for such delay or failure to perform the agreement other than the return of any monies due to the group for deposits.


The conduct of all persons attending events at Lighthouse Christian Fellowship will be respectful of the Lighthouse Christian Fellowship Church. Guests and activities are restricted to the approved area(s).

Lighthouse Christian Fellowship will make every possible effort to protect personal items; however, the church will not be responsible for items that are lost, stolen, or damaged. Do not leave valuables unattended. Guests are responsible and assume liability for any personal injuries or damages to the facility and/or equipment.


Children in attendance at any event must be under the supervision and control of a parent or authorized adult (18 years of age or older) at all times and are not permitted to roam freely on church property. Groups of children, ages 12 and under, must be under the supervision of one adult for every 15 children. Children, ages 13 and over, must be under the supervision of one adult for every 30 children.

Kitchen Use and Food Policies

The kitchen facility at Lighthouse Christian Fellowship is not an industrial kitchen and may not be used by caterers to cater events. The serving of food and beverages is allowed in all rental areas of the facility with the exception to the stage area and near technical equipment. Serving food and/or beverages with the propensity to stain, such as red, purple, or blue liquids are prohibited.

Lost & Found

Items remaining after an event will be held for an appropriate waiting period. If the item(s) are not picked up in a timely manner, the items may be discarded or given to charity. Large items requiring excessive storage may be disposed of sooner. Please make arrangements with the Lighthouse Christian Fellowship Facility Manager  for any oversized items that need to be temporarily kept in storage pending pick up.

Outside Media, Music, and Materials Approval

All music, media, materials, and presentations must be provided to the Lighthouse Christian Fellowship Facilities Manager for review one week prior to the event. Materials found to conflict with the ethic, beliefs and general philosophy of Lighthouse Christian Fellowship will be prohibited.

Any flier, public announcement or other marketing tools for an event held at Lighthouse Christian Fellowship must have prior approval by the Events Manager.


All events requiring use of Lighthouse Christian Fellowship’s facilities or grounds must be scheduled through the Facility Manager. All details including date, time, equipment, room(s), and special needs must be specified before the agreement is signed. Activities and programs are limited to the space that is assigned.

All scheduled dates will be of a temporary nature until the facility use agreement is signed and fees are received. If the signed facility use agreement and fees are not received in a timely manner, the reservation may be changed or cancelled.

Responsible Party

Every event must have one appointed person as a responsible party. This person will act as a contact and will be responsible for signing the contract, enforcing the contract guidelines by providing supervision at the event and will assume liability for personal injuries, damage to personal property, damage to the facility or equipment and additional maintenance or clean up costs. The responsible party will restore the facility or equipment to pre-use condition.


Smoking, illegal substance and alcoholic beverages are prohibited on the grounds or in the building. Apparel or behavior that is inappropriate and in conflict with the Lighthouse Christian Fellowship beliefs and ethics will not be permitted. Animals are not allowed in the building or on the grounds with exception to “seeing-eye” dogs. Church sponsored ministries using animals at an event must have prior approval. Animals must be under constant supervision. The animal owner is financially liable for damages to the facility as a result of the animal(s).

Returned Payments

There will be a service fee of $25 for returned payments. In the event of a declined payment, all previous agreements and reservations may be considered null and void.

Rights of the Church

LCF reserves the right to execute as follows:-

  • to deny the application for the use of church facilities by any individual or group without stating the reasons;
  • to cancel any approved application due to unexpected church needs at any time without liability;
  • to terminate the rental agreement immediately without liability nor payment if the applicant fails to comply with the rules and regulations of the Church;
  • to cancel the rental agreement and make a refund without interest in case of cancellation by the church due to bad weather conditions (e.g. storms); and to make alterations to the Facilities use policies, procedures, rules and regulations at any time without prior notice.

Set-up, Cleaning and Maintenance of the Facility

Anyone using the building is expected to leave the building reasonably clean and remove all items associated with their programs immediately following the event. Prompt reporting of all damages due to the event to the Facility Manager is required. Contact the Facilities Manager in case of emergency repairs.

All trash is to be placed in lined containers only. Drinks and other fluids will be disposed of in sinks and never in water fountains or trash receptacles. ALL trash must be removed from the facility and disposed of inside the dumpster located at the northwest corner of the parking lot.

Artificial and live plants and furniture that is not rental furniture, are not to be moved from their original locations without prior consent from the Facilities Manager. ALL room set up requests must be finalized one week before the event.

For Rentals: Users are responsible for returning the room to the pre-use condition. Any set up outside of the room(s)’ normal set up will be the responsibility of the user. Arrangements for set up can be made for an additional fee.

For Events: Facility set up will be automatically included in the price of rental. Renter users are responsible for clean up of their own supplies and decorations.

Special Accommodations

Reasonable accommodation requests need to be sent to the Facilities Manager in written form immediately upon scheduling the event. The Facilities Manager will require adequate time to adhere to the request before the event.


Due to the limited storage space at Lighthouse Christian Fellowship, the facility user must contact the Facility Manager to make prior arrangements for storage space. Storage space is on a “first come, first serve” basis and can only be stored one day prior to the event. Materials stored without permission may be discarded, placed in the lost and found or given to charity.

Temperature Control

Room heating and air-conditioning are controlled by thermostats and are adjusted by the Facility Manager only.

Fire Prevention

Candles, smoke generators, sterno material, pyro-technical devices or other fire hazard materials must be pre-approved for use through the Facilities Manager. Only dripless candles are approved for use and must be in an appropriate holder to prevent contact with people or from tipping over. Bonfires or any open fires are prohibited on the Lighthouse Christian Fellowship grounds. No flammable substances are to be stored in the facility. Report all potential fire hazards to the Facilities Manager immediately.