First I just want to say how much I am blessed as this email group helps
facilitate growing relationships and the opportunity to lift up prayer needs
to our heavenly Father. I realize that many of you are a little overwhelmed
by the number of emails that have been coming your way the last couple of
days so I thought I would give some suggestions! I have also included some
other general info that I've been meaning to send out. There may be more in
the days to come. Please take time to read through the whole email.


You have the option of being on digest which means you would get 1 email/day
with all of the lcfwomen emails for that day indexed. This is a great
option and allows you to keep up. I do this with several groups that I am
on and it has really cut down on the amount of time I spend at the computer
and I am able to pick and choose the ones I want to read. You can do this
by logging on to and changing your preferences for this
group or you can email me and I can change it for

2)Personal replies

If you are replying to an email that pertains to only one or two people,
please try and remember to change the to: line of the email to their
personal emails rather than This would include
any birthday greetings sent to our precious birthday girls.


Speaking of birthdays, I am going to compile a list of all of our group
members and their birthdays so I can set up birthday reminders be sent to
the group. I believe the birthday blessings that are being sent are a great
opportunity for the Lord to speak encouragement to us through our friends.
Again, send the blessings directly to the person not the whole group. We
don't want anyone to miss out on the birthday blessings so please send my
your birthday so I can include you.


Before you forward any email to the group please pray and ask the Lord if it
is something that would be applicable to the group and worth sending. We
have about 120 members and we do want to honor their time. If the story etc
seems somewhat unbelievable or outrageous please go to
<> or other applicable website to check the validity
of the claim before sending it. I do this often and most turn out to be

5) Invitations

Any invitations for home parties and personal businesses should be sent
directly to your invitees rather than the group as a whole.

6) Meals

In the past we have sent out requests to bless families with meals when they
are going through busy/stressful times. I feel like this most of the time
but of course I am referring to new babies, caring for sick family members,
moving, etc. If you fit into this category and need to be blessed in this
way please don't be afraid to ask. You can email the group and cry for help
or you can email me directly or call. We want to care for you and we won't
be able to do that if nobody knows. There may be opportunities for you to
take a meal to a family just because God lays it on your heart. Be obedient
and do it. Some of the meals people have brought just to bless me have been
the most precious.

Again I'm blessed to call you friends and thank you for sharing your hearts
with this group.