Elementary is a dynamic worship service for 1st-4th grade students. In our Elementary class we are committed to partnering with parents to teach the gospel in an age - specific, fun, Christ-centered environment. We believe it is vital that children learn from an early age to develop an authentic relationship with Jesus Christ. 


Security.  One of our highest goals at Lighthouse is to provide a safe and loving environment for our children so our check in system is our security system.  Parents sign in their children at the kiosks located in the foyer.  A name tag will print with a security code that corresponds with the parent’s security number.  The student wears the large label as their name tag.  Parents take the small numbered label.  At check out, teachers match the numbers and  as they dismiss children to parents.  The number on each child’s security sticker is also the means we use to notify you if you are needed during the service.  If your child needs you, their number is posted in the bottom right hand corner of the large screens in the on both sides of the front walls of the auditorium. 


Teachers.  Transformation Station is staffed by member volunteers; couples are encouraged to volunteer because we value the example of men and women teaching our kids.  Couples can be a husband & wife or a mom & teen son or father & teen daughter.  Generational transfer of faith and values occurs in Transformation Station with parents and teens investing together in the next generation. We invite you to join our team!  Please CLICK HERE for more information about volunteering one service per month in this dynamic ministry.