Our Beliefs and Practices

Spiritual Priorities

The Gospel Story - In creation, God the Father, who existed in joyous community from eternity past, set out to glorify Jesus, the preeminent Son of an everlasting family that includes humanity, the crown jewel of all that God made. In rebellion, man sinned fracturing the family and separating humanity from the Father. In mercy, God who would not be stopped by man's rebellion, sent Jesus as the solution to our separation.  In perfection, Jesus walked as a true son and demonstrated life united with the Father. He died for the forgiveness of our sin and brought reconciliation by the blood of his cross. In power, he rose from the grave and now lives again, seated at the right hand of the Father and making way for those far from God to draw near as sons and daughters. Through faith in Christ’s finished work, this family of followers is united with him in eternal life (intimate relationship with God the Father) and now participates in sharing the good news of his Kingdom while being transformed into the image of Jesus.

Gospel-centered Community - A Gospel-centered community is a family of Gospel-centered disciples living out the mission of God, in a specific area, to a particular people, group, demonstrating and declaring the story of Jesus to others— to both those who believe and to those who are being exposed to the story. 


The Church at large is comprised of people who have accepted God's free gift of eternal life through faith in Jesus Christ. True faith will result in a life of obedience to the Lordship of Jesus Christ including a person's repentance and a changed focus from the world to God, confession of Jesus Christ as Lord, identification with Jesus' death, burial, and resurrection through baptism, and receiving the indwelling of the Holy Spirit as an indication of their relationship with God. Lighthouse stresses open fellowship with the body of Christ at large and accepts all disciples, believers, and seekers who wish to know more about walking with God. We also stress the importance of identifying with a local assembly of believers. We believe that it is God's plan to see Christ's life developed in us as we walk in relationship with other believers in the local Church.

If the Holy Spirit has led a person to be a part of this assembly, we can mutually expect that each member:

  • Has received Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord.

  • Is in basic agreement with the church's values, mission, vision, philosophy of ministry and affirmation of faith.

  • Will support the congregation's ministry with a commitment to unity and prayer for the congregation.

  • Is in submission to the authority God has placed in this Fellowship (pastor/overseers).

  • Has completed the Catch the Vision and Foundations class and signed a confirmation indicating a desire to be a part of this church.

Meaningful participation with us as a family of God's people involves the following important components for your life:

  • Growing in relationship with God and His people.

  • Experiencing the life and ministry of Christ within a Life Group and through loving, giving and serving.

  • Regularly attending the weekend celebration services for meaningful fellowship, teaching of the Word and an uplifting encounter with God.

  • Discovering your spiritual gifts and exercising them by serving others in the congregation.

Abbreviated Statement of Faith

  1. We affirm that there is one God, infinitely perfect and eternally existent in the persons of Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.
  2. We affirm the deity of our Lord Jesus Christ, His virgin birth, His sinless life, His miracles, His vicarious and atoning death through His shed blood, His bodily resurrection, His Ascension to the right hand of the Father and His personal return in power and glory.
  3. We affirm the fullness of the Holy Spirit as the empowerment of the Christian for witness and service. We affirm that the Holy Spirit provides one or more spiritual gifts to all believers, manifesting them as He wills. We affirm that all of the gifts of the Holy Spirit are operative today.
  4. We affirm the Bible to be the Holy Spirit inspired, authoritative Word of God which is eternally reliable.
  5. We affirm that repentance from sin and faith toward God (Jesus Christ) results in regeneration by the Holy Spirit (becoming “born-again”).
  6. We affirm the one, universal Church, which is the Body of Christ. We affirm Christ as its head. We affirm all who are “born-again” as its members. We affirm the church’s purpose as offering worship to God - fellowship, ministry, and instruction to itself, evangelism and service to the world. We affirm the spiritual unity of believers in our Lord Jesus Christ.
  7. We affirm believer's baptism by immersion in obedience to our Lord Jesus Christ.
  8. We affirm the importance of regular participation in the Lord's Supper (Communion).