Revive is a coffee ministry, a place of connection for women seeking to create and develop deep and
meaningful relationships with other women at Lighthouse.

For those interested in serving: There is something significant about looking into somone's eyes - it helps us remember we are all real people, needing grace, that we matter to the God who created us and refines us.  This will be a ministry that matters.  We all were called to do community, and this is one of the avenues we will use to accomplish it.  Here, we will put down our controversies, our opinions and our differences.  We will sit down, have a cup of coffe/tea/whatever, and love on, talk and laugh with, share and maybe even shed a few tears together with the woman across the table from us.  This will be a time of community - making one feel, for this moment in time, that they matter! 

If you are interested in participating, please contact Tricia Aragon by filling out and submitting the below form. You will be invited to a coffee hangout with other women in the church for the purpose of getting to know one another and doing life together.


Participate in Revive

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