Kingdom Kids Worship/Actions Team

Students in 1st - 4th grade are welcome to come be a part of our worship/action team.  We have practice at 9:00 a.m. each Sunday morning.  In order to participate children have to attend the practice for that Sunday.  

Please also read over the Dress Code below.

If you have any questions you can contact Wendi Hicks at

Dress Code

Transformation Station

Worship Team Dress Code

If you are a part of the worship team please follow the guidelines below:

  1.  Dresses and skirts must be at least knee length with leggings.  If you wear a long skirt or dress that goes down to the ground no leggings are necessary.
  2.  Do not wear tops that have “spaghetti” straps or low cut necklines.
  3.  Shorts must be at least knee length.
  4.  Shoes must be something you can worship in comfortably.  They should not be falling off our feet while you are singing and doing actions.
  5.  Jeans and other types of pants that are church appropriate are fine.


Thank you,

Lighthouse Children's Ministry Staff

Updated:  4/6/14

Worship Team Lead Schedule

Leaders for each weekend of the month:

1st Weekend - Kennedy

2nd Weekend - Kenzie

3rd Weekend - 

4th Weekend - 

5th Weekend - Morgan

*Please remember to check with other leads if you cannot be there for your weekend.